Mindful Craft Blog- Flower Pots

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Mindful Craft Blog- Flower Pots

What you will need:

*Terracotta plant pot (I have lots which I have picked up free on local selling groups or you can purchase cheaply under a pound from garden centres)

*Masking tape

*Craft paint-for the children I used Baker Ross paint, and for my one I used acrylic craft paint which can be purchased from amazon or hobby craft

*Paint brushes or foam sponge brush

*Mod Podge- I used dishwasher safe one as I find the original can go tacky if it gets wet

*Compost and plants

Hello and welcome to my first Mindful Craft activity; painting flower pots.

I decided to make my first craft adult and child friendly, so it can be easily modified to suit all ages and abilities. 

These super eye-catching plant pots can be created in one colour or multiple colours but I chose to do one colour with the children as they are quite young and I know if they did more than one colour it would result in all the colours being mixed together!

To start with use masking tape to create a pattern on your terracotta  plant pot. I did this for the children before we started. You can create geometric patterns, stripes, or spiral pattern by wrapping the tape around the pot- whatever takes your fancy.

Once your pot is all taped up its time to get started with painting. If you are using one colour you don't have to be too neat with the paint which is why I find this option is best if you are doing it with young children. If more than one colour is being used think about the colour combination and pattern you may wish to create. 

Make sure you leave the paint to dry before pealing off the tape and then get peeling to reveal the funky pattern on your pot!

Coat the pot in mod podge to make it water resistant- you don't want the paint to wash off as soon as you water your plants!

Then get planting! Choose flowers or plants to compliment your colour scheme and enjoy your pot!