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I strongly believe it is important to find something you love doing to channel your stress, worries and anxieties. 

It can be hard finding the time to do this and I am sure many often draw a blank to know where to start or what activity to do. Go for a walk, do some craft, bake a cake (awful for the diet), go into the garden; sometimes it can be just as challenging choosing what to do than the worries you are trying to escape from.

This is why I have put together a blog called 'Mindful Crafts'. I will be sharing with you short and easy activities that will give you something to focus on and escape. You can develop the crafts to make them suit your artistic abilities and creativity. Furthermore I will be trying to make sure very little equipment is needed, or if you do need to buy something it can be used for more than one project. 

There will be separate activities aimed for children and adults but both can be adapted if you wish. It is important for children to have n escape just as much as adults. In todays world they have so much stress and concerns its good for the to have an outlet which isn't sat in front of a screen.

I hope you will join me on a 'Mindful Craft' journey to hopefully help you find a love and passion for a new craft. There is a Facebook group linked to my blog where I would love for you to share your creations.