Mindful Crafts Blog- Egg Box Flower Wreath

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Mindful Crafts Blog- Egg Box Flower Wreath

What you will need:

* Scissors 

* Egg box- I used two dozen egg sized boxes

* Paint- Baker Ross paint

* Paintbrushes

* Cardboard to form a circle to attach the flowers onto (I had a circle piece of card laying around in the odds and end craft box, but you could easily cut a box and draw around a plate as a template)

* Sticky dots or glue (I find sticky dots easier to use with young children)

* Tissue paper (yellow)

* Ribbon if you want to hang the wreath 

I created this flower wreath with my children (1, 3 and 5 years old) and it was an activity everyone could get involved with. Equally older children would enjoy this too as they could be more creative with colours and shaping the egg box to look like flowers.

To start with cut up the egg boxes. Cut the bits the eggs sit in from the box and the part that sticks up to separate the eggs from the box- these will become the flowers. From the lid cut some leaf shapes. I prepared this stage before getting the children involved but older children may enjoy being part of this stage. 

Now its time to get messy and creative. Paint the egg box flowers whatever colours you would like. The brighter the better 

Once the paint is dry add yellow tissue paper to the centre of the flowers using sticky dots or glue to stick it into place. 

Arrange the flowers and leaves onto the cardboard circle. Once again the sticky dots make it really easy to attach it together and is less messy than PVA glue. 

Once the flowers are all attached add ribbon if you would like to hang it up and enjoy!